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Total Nutrition Technology’s comprehensive approach addresses the entire individual and their needs. We start with an extensive health evaluation and assessment. This is followed by a customized nutrition plans & one-on-one coaching sessions ensuring it fits ones lifestyle and dietary objectives. Our clients succeed because we are with them every step of the way, ensuring focus is maintained and results are achieved.


Established since 1993, TNT is privately owned and operated by an innovative & passionate executive team with extensive industry experience.


We are in network providers with BCBS insurance. Services may befully covered.

We accept FLEX, HSA & FSA Accounts.


Utilizes evidence based research

Custom built nutrition software

Registered Dietitians

Certified Health Educators

Certified Lifestyle Eating and Performance (LEAP) Therapists

Board Certified Sports Dietitians

Certified Diabetic Educators

Physician Endorsed

Specialiized programs for specific dietary needs



Multiple convenient office locations throughout Charlotte metro area for in-person coaching sessions.

Optional on-site visits for corporate accounts.

Our Mission:

To assist individuals in obtaining optimal wellness

and or sports performance goals resulting in healthier ,

longer and stronger lives.



Established By Angela Wilkinson

Years Changing Lives


Client Retention Rate

Registered Dietitians & Health Educators

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How is TNT Weight Loss different from other weight loss programs?
TNT Weight Loss is completely customizable. This means the focus is off the scale and on you. We factor in your lifestyle, past weight loss attempts, taste preferences, exercise habits, and more to create a plan that you feel challenged by yet confident in. Also, TNT Weight Loss emphasizes building lean muscle mass while cutting fat mass, and we use technology to track your progress.
What are the Customized Nutrition Plans like?
Every single Customized Nutrition Plan (or CNP as we like to call them) is different. We tailor-make these plans to fit your calorie and macronutrient needs. However, the calorie counting and macro tracking is all on us! Your job is to simply count the food you eat from each food group (we call these exchanges) throughout the day.
How soon will I start seeing results?
TNT looks at a variety of progress markers, including but not limited to: energy levels, digestion, body composition, inches, stamina during workouts, sleep, stress levels, mental processing, and weight. Changes in some of these areas may occur right away, while other areas take more time. The important note here is that your TNT Health Educator or Registered Dietitian is committed to your success.
Does TNT offer any appetite suppressants, injections, or weight loss pills?
Nope! TNT follows a food-first philosophy across all of its programs. We believe in naturally revving your metabolism, fueling your body with appropriate portion sizes, and helping you reach your goals in a safe and sustainable manner.
Does my insurance cover TNT’s services?
If Blue Cross Blue Shield is your provider, you may be 100% covered under the Healthcare Reform Preventative Services Act. Call your insurance agent today to ask about your coverage, or allow TNT’s Administration Team to perform a courtesy pre-eligibility check on your behalf.
What is the assessment like?
The assessment takes approximately 30-45 minutes, sometimes an hour and consists of the following:

Body Fat Testing/Composition – skin fold or hand held

Understanding muscle weight versus body fat weight

Current Nutritional Intake Review

Value in Protein, Carbs and Fats (Macronutrients)

Diet/Food Plan History

Exercise Fueling/Guidelines/PRE and POST intake

Medical History/Medications/Medical Conditions

BMI (body mass index)

Services and Plans available for Individualized Technology via TNT

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In addition to our TeleHealth appointment option, we are now open to safely see clients in-person at all of our locations.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield covers Total Nutrition Technology services as a preventative healthcare service under the Healthcare Reform Act. In many cases, this can mean no co-pay, nor does a deductible need to be met. We are happy to do a complimentary eligibility check to see which services you qualify for. When calling to confirm your benefits, reference the CPT codes (97802, 97803) and the Diagnosis code (Z71.3) under the Healthcare Reform Act to find out what your specific plan may cover!