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Our results-focused outcomes are the key to your success. You benefit from a nutrition program that is custom designed to your unique physiology, lifestyle and dietary behavior. Request your free consultation with a TNT Health Educator today and learn what you can achieve with TNT.

Explore our Nutritional Programs Custom Designed by Our Registered Dietitians & Health Educators!


TNT Weightloss

This TNT Weight Loss program is engineered and customized to reduce body fat while improving muscle tone.



TNT Pro is a program specifically for athletes or individuals training for a specific event (Pre-qualification is required)


TNT Silver

With TNT Silver, our goal is to not only help add “years to your life”, but more importantly, “life to your years.”


TNT Moms

TNT Moms is our very own mommy-makeover. Each plan is custom-designed, whether you are pre-natal, pregnant, or post and ready to get back into your fighting shape.


TNT Youth

The TNT Youth program is specifically designed for the younger age group, 10-18 years old. We will help create healthy eating habits and lifestyles before unhealthy habits even start!


TNT Family

TNT Family makes meals more manageable by overcoming the challenges with food allergies, intolerances and picky eaters. We help make eating healthy fun and inetractive for the whole family. 


TNT Corporate

Companies that have implemented a comprehensive corporate wellness program have seen substantial savings in health care costs.


TNT Wellness

Designed to eliminate the guesswork and address your specific nutrition and medical concerns. We will help you improve your quality of life and reduce your risk factors for further health ailments.


TNT Testing

We eliminate the guess work with our comprehensive medical testing programs that include: Metabolic testing, DNA testing, Micronutrient testing & MRT Testing.

Personalized Everything

There is No One Diet For Everyone

Did you know that 80% of your physique is from what you eat? Also, 90% of chronic diseases can be managed or prevented through diet and exercise.

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In addition to our TeleHealth appointment option, we are now open to safely see clients in-person at all of our locations.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield covers Total Nutrition Technology services as a preventative healthcare service under the Healthcare Reform Act. In many cases, this can mean no co-pay, nor does a deductible need to be met. We are happy to do a complimentary eligibility check to see which services you qualify for. When calling to confirm your benefits, reference the CPT codes (97802, 97803) and the Diagnosis code (Z71.3) under the Healthcare Reform Act to find out what your specific plan may cover!